Will’s Story

Listen to John and Sue talk about how NBI has encouraged their son Will, to participate in a wide range of new experiences and helped him make new friends.

Josie’s Story (Part 1)

Listen to Josie and her dad Peter explain how NBI has helped Josie prepare to move into her own place.

Ella’s Story

Listen to Becky and Joe explain how they met Ella through the Host program, and how she has changed their family’s life for the better.

Tim’s Story (Part 1)

Listen to Tim and his brother Liam recall some of their NBI experiences over the past 17 years .

Tim’s Story (Part 2)

Listen to Jan and Andrew talk about their son Tim, and his connection with NBI’s group recreation.

Josie’s Story (Part 2)

Josie and Dave talk about NBI and how it has impacted their lives.